Contact us at for more information on workshops, classes, events and more! We offer tailor made solutions based on what kind of event and style of workshop your office is looking for, as well as the number of employees, and location. 


Below are some Blood Good examples of what we've done in the past.

Home Brewing Classes

Our home brewing workshops are a fun and interactive class that covers different hand brewing techniques commonly used at home. Participants will learn better brewing techniques as well as tips and tricks on how to adjust brew variables to achieve different and desired flavours when brewing their favourite coffee at home.

These classes are designed to be held at either your office or at our training lab at our 19grams Roastery. The duration of this workshop is 1 hour and is suitable for a maximum of 5 people per class.

Participants will all receive a sample bag of the coffee being brewed so that they can take their skills from the workshop into their homes!

Bloody Good Breakfast Mornings

Our 19grams breakfast mornings are a fun and bloody delicious way to boost moral in your office. Together with our 19grams bakery and 19grams kitchens, we can supply your office with delicious hoe made and seasonal treats that can be vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or nut free.

Dietary requirements need to be confirmed 1 week in advance.

Introduction To Coffee

Have you ever wondered where coffee comes from? How it became one of the most popular consumed drinks in the world?
This is a great team experience that is both hands on and knowledge driven, diving into the complex supply chain involved in sourcing, roasting and brewing specialty coffee.

In this workshop, your team will be tasting a range of different coffees, both in quality and roast. With this workshop, participants will learn what they're really paying for when paying more for their coffee.