Office Coffee


Many offices don't have the luxury of offering high quality, well roasted coffee in their workspace. The options are often instant, pre-ground or heavy roasted, highly caffeinated commodity coffee. 


We offer simple solutions for brewing coffee in your office. All our coffees have been roasted to suit the many brewing devices commonly found in office kitchens, whether it be fully automatic machine, filter machine, capsule machine or espresso machine.

Improve your workplace environment by offering freshly roasted, sustainably sourced coffees that people will appreciate and enjoy.


We are familiar with all kinds of coffee brewing equipment and can provide you with the perfect coffee to match your office. 


Want to learn more? If you would like to organise a coffee tasting or talk to us about equipment in your office contact us on: or +49(0)30 29047470

Customised blends, corporate branding and company gifts are also possible. 


We offer large groups to use our presentation space of up to 20+ attendees. You can book us to offer presentations sharing our knowledge and expertise about the world of specialty coffee, what it means to source truly sustainable, ethical and high quality coffee all the way from the beans growng at origin, to the cup you hold in your hand. We also finish all of our presentations with a coffee tasting, where we showcase our full range of available coffees for your colleagues to compare their tastes and grow their passion for drinking coffee.

You can also book this space to use for your own presentations to be held here at our space. We offer our brunch menu, coffees, fresh homemade refreshments and cakes to keep your colleagues fed, caffeinated and focused. Simply write us an email with your request and we can make it work.


Our Event Space


Our event space is perfect for you to book your team parties and events. We have a kitchen, a bar and ofcourse, all the coffee you can drink. This space is perfect for you to gather your colleagues together to let loose and celebrate each other in an intimate, beautiful space. We're available to host you during the day and during the evenings. Simply write us with your request and we can make it work for you.



We have our fully equipped kitchen with professional chefs, able to provide large caterings to groups attending our space. We provide brunch menus to delicious healthy canopes. We can also provide baked sweet goods to you from our bakery attached to our original cafe location on Boxhagener Strasse. Everything we offer is made in-house with love and attention. Utilize our experience running 5 locations offering daily brunch menus and delicious cakes. Coffee is always provided ofcourse!


Barista Bar Pop-Ups

You can bring our passionate, fun and expert baristas to you! We can bring a full bar set up to you, to supply coffee for your internal events, we love to set up our coffee bar at our partners locations as it's great chance to see the faces of who drinks our coffee, outside of our cafe locations. We'll bring the machines, the coffee, the milk and the good vibes. We're always happy to share our fun, exciting and expert way of serving our coffee with you.