Thoughtfully and Sustainably Sourced
If you are looking for BLOODY GOOD COFFEE for your cafe, restaurant or bar with top-notch service and someone with a thorough understanding of your daily challenges, then you're in luck.


Running a gastronomy business is hard work (we know!) and creating and building a successful coffee program requires a lot of  knowledge, experience and teamwork.
Finding the right coffee, equipment and machines as well as having capable and passionate staff doesn’t come easy, but it does with us.

We work with companies such as La Marzocco, Mahlkönig, BUNN and BWT (just to name a few) and offer extensive training for all stages of coffee production that is suitable for all skill levels. 

We’d love to talk with you over a bloody good coffee at our Roastery. Contact us at or give us a call on 03029047470


19grams Roastery

Karl-Liebknecht Strasse 13
10178 Berlin
Tel: 030/27577809