We first opened our doors in Friedrichshain in 2002 under the name Tres Cabezas. Back then, Specialty Coffee wasn't a topic the locals really talked about. So our goal was to educate our customers as to the importance of Specialty Coffee, not only in the quality of the coffee they were drinking, but also in the lengthy supply chain, where knowledge and understanding of the product treacle all the way down to farming, processing and cultivation of the raw product. 

    We continue to learn; traveling to farms to meet with producers who teach us about new cultivation and processing methods. We work with farmers from all over the world who use innovative and sustainable farming techniques to grow high quality, delicious coffees we know you will love. Then we bring these coffees to Berlin to roast, cup, calibrate, measure and repeat.  We have built strong foundations with farmers from some of the best growing regions in the world who we now consider to be part of our 19grams family, working year on year with them to increase cup quality. 

    In all our cafes you will always be able to find a good mix of origins depending on the coffee harvest calendar, roasted for either filter or espresso and our staff are always happy to assist with any questions and offer tips and tricks for brewing great coffee at home. 

    In 2018 we re-branded the company to 19grams with a cafe in Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and two in Mitte, where our new Roastery and training lab is located, right in the heart of this great city. We are always learning, adapting and growing through our past, our customers and our employees who are from all corners of the globe. In all our 19grams cafes you will find a friendly atmosphere and a sunny spot outside to sit and enjoy a delicious brew and freshly baked cakes amongst friends and family. 

    Creating a bloody good cup of coffee takes a lot of wo/manpower, knowledge, team work and love by humans from all around the world. It‘s an impressive product that impacts all walks of life.