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    We love to work with businesses that share our values on sustainability, quality and fairness of ethics. Our coffees represent the best each origin can offer with these factors in mind
    We offer customised solutions for businesses worldwide
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Discover the best coffees in the world. We offer tailor made solutions for your business.

Grow your business with 19grams. Reward employees and impress customers with Bloody Good Coffee.

We work with cafes, gastronomy businesses and offices worldwide. From our experience and the experience of our customers, we have sustainably sourced and curated a selection of coffees to suite every business. Whether you have an espresso machine, fully automatic coffee machine or filter machine, we have you covered.

With great coffee comes great responsibility.

We work with coffee farmers from the best growing regions from around the world. Sustainability and traceability are at the forefront of our business and we believe it is the key to building and promoting the Specialty Coffee Industry. Working with farmers, both new and old, allows us to create a direct link between you as the consumer and the farmer as the producer. With ongoing, open communication, we are able to learn everything there is to know about every coffee we buy and the farmer is able to better understand what consumers are looking for in their coffee. This is extremely important and is an integral part of moving forward and growing.

Making it accessible.

Specialty coffee should be enjoyed by everyone and not just the hipsters. Our industry is not about creating segments in groups. It is about thoughtfully and sustainably sourcing high quality coffee and roasting it to showcase the natural characteristics of every bean. By developing several different roast profiles, we have created espresso and filter roasted coffees that suite many different brewing styles and flavour preferences. Whether you are looking for a creamy, classic espresso, a balanced and bright espresso or a juicy and sweet filter coffee. We are able to offer a range of coffees that you, your team and your customers will fall in love with.

Coffee for your Café

We deliver our Bloody Good Coffee to cafes worldwide and would love for you and your customers to experience our amazing selection of beans roasted for both filter and espresso.
Our coffee's are not just for your espresso or filter bar. Add a selection of retail bags to your next order and earn up to 100% margin on every sale.

We also offer a range of machines and equipment, training and support. For more information, contact us at wholesale@19grams.coffee.

Coffee For Your Office

Whether you are using a fully automatic coffee machine, filter machine or espresso machine in your office, we have a coffee solution for you. With many different nationalities, ages and preferences, we have developed several coffees that suite a number of different needs. Our coffees are easy to handle and reliably Bloody Good.
For customers within Berlin, we also offer the option of 100% sustainable packaging using our reusable and airtight plastic buckets that hold up to 12 kilo's of freshly roasted coffee.

Looking for a full beverage solution?
We work with espresso and fully automatic machine companies, as well as milk suppliers and tea providers. Other products can also be ordered upon request. For more information, contact us at wholesale@19grams.coffee.